Welcome to Reality

Well, hello again. It’s been a while. I’ve been trying to practice being still. Most of the time, I fail at it, but sometimes I can win. 🙂

I’ve had so much on my mind lately. Trying to rein in medical issues (and I’ve come a long way), dealing with stressors in a more healthy way (ummmm…. pass), and just thinking. Thinking about the future, about the now, about the why, and about the how (hehe – that rhymed). Anyway, life’s little challenges turn into amusements sometimes, and the humor is how I heal. When I don’t laugh, I cry. People may judge me for that, but it’s not that I don’t care. In fact, I care too much in many cases, which leads to hurt.

Anywhoooo…. Being still. I have prayed for guidance, patience, and discernment many times over the past several weeks. I’ve found myself pulling back into my shell like a turtle would do, but it is not the same as it was in the past. I’m pulling back and just not saying a lot. I’m deep in thought, but it’s a peaceful place rather than a place of darkness and loneliness. I find myself oddly calm when I probably should be angry. This does not mean that I don’t get angry. Uh. I’m Irish and German, so it’s probably really just science that I’m so “passionate”, right? 😉

When I’m deep in thought, I’ve felt nudges, I’ve seen words form in my mind (verses to read), and I’ve had others pop into my mind. All of these actions remind me that the Holy Spirit is real and is inside of us. Always. We just have to listen, although “listening” may mean different things to different people. It could be through words to one person, images to another, or pressure on an arm for another person.

The important thing is to remember that God is there and open our minds to the possibilities around us so that we may catch a glimpse of His face in the everyday things. Nothing is ordinary with God. He turns everything into beauty and uses everything for His glory. Pray for His presence. Worship with your whole heart. Open your mind to His voice. He is real and will never leave you.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Reality

  1. Be still and know that I am God…
    Shut out the world, the phones, work, family, friends. Listen for His voice. Just start with 10 minutes a day. You will be surprised that He is right by your side, and has been all this time.

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