So Much More

You know how sometimes the conversations we have with others spur conversations with ourselves? Like when you have a moment of enlightenment as you’re explaining something? That happened to me today as I spoke to my amazing daughter. As I spoke to her, many realizations came to light and landed on my heart.

First of all, I told her that I love her unconditionally (duh), that I am proud of her, and that she can tell me anything.

Next, I reminded her of her past. Surgery at 2 weeks of age. Followed by specialists until age 5. I asked why God would bring her through those events to just walk away, even though she knew God would NEVER walk away from her.

Finally, I explained to her that I had been asking God for the ability to see others through His eyes. To view others as He views us. As I started trying to focus on the person God sees, He gave me a bonus revelation, one so much more than I ever imagined possible. By asking for the ability to see others through God’s eyes, I have also been given the gift to view myself, as well, in that same way and as God sees me.

He views us all as His beautiful children. He doesn’t focus on our faults, despite the fact that we all have flaws. He focuses on our strengths. He places people in our paths to guide us in His ways.

It still amazes me that the all-knowing, all-powerful, unstoppable God would want to know me, but that is because I am viewing His opinions through wordly measures and His love is beyond all wordly comprehension. When I try to view from God’s point of view, I realize that I have been set apart. I have a reason and a purpose. We all do. We are all His precious children.

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