He Will Lead You

“He Will Lead You”


Follow your hopes and dreams

As you walk beside your Lord

Don’t discount your abilities

In Him, you’re so much more


He knows your wants and wishes

He knows His plans for you

He will work it all together

Just know his promises are true


The hopelessness and despair

They are going to flee

Because our God is greater

Greater than you and me


Your heart may have a wish list

And the logic may not quite fit

But the will of God is stronger

You don’t control the outcome

He is in charge of it


The Lord will never leave you

He will never walk away

He’ll be right by your side

As this life comes your way


Put your faith in Him

Trust Him to hold you close

For His love for you is stronger

Than you will ever know


Give the Lord your gratitude

Sing his glorious praise

He will lead you through this

In the most amazing ways


He has it all handled

He has a detailed plan

He is the loving God

His plans are all for good

Forever He will stand

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