Not Perfect

We are all broken. We’ve all made mistakes. We all have a past. We are all sinners. Yet God works it all for His good.

How many times have you been ashamed of your choices? Have you ever met people who appear to have it all together, seem to know all the answers, and portray a perfect life? How many times have you felt less-than, inadequate, or ashamed because your life doesn’t match theirs? Personally, I’ve lost count.

I’ve left the church as a result of these comparisons. I have wondered what is wrong with me when I knew I wasn’t perfect, despite choosing Christ. I considered myself a failure when I compared myself to everyone else’s life. I concluded that I was a failure because I wasn’t perfect.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that we all start at different places. The Holy Spirit sanctifies us by the day. By the hour. By the minute. By the second.

Our lives – our stories – are used to draw others to Him. To show what He can do. That we aren’t alone. Not for us to relive our shame and feelings of inadequacy. Our stories make us relatable and REAL, which enables us to grow His Kingdom.

People don’t want to fail. They want to succeed. When we share our stories where we left places of failure, addiction, inadequacy, anger – our sinfulness – and how far we have come, that is how others find peace.

When we compare ourselves to others, we lose sight of the fact that we were each created in His image for a unique purpose. Something only we can accomplish because of what we have been through, not despite what we have been through.

His mercy refreshes us daily. His grace washes us clean. His love makes us whole. We were made to reach the lost, not to alienate them. Why? Because we have been there. Right where the lost are now. He saved us, not because we were perfect, but because we have value.

Share your stories and testimonies. Be authentic. You have a divine purpose…. Because God is merciful and good at every moment in every day.

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