Just. Be. Still.

When the tears fall down
And the hurt just won’t end
When you feel all alone
By yourself, without a friend.

When sleep eludes you
And your hunger starts to fade
When the pain overwhelms
All of your exhausted days.

Raise your hands
Close your eyes
Open your heart to Me
I’m right here by your side.
Just. Be. Still.

Be still and know I’m God
I’ll never let you fall
I’ll guide you through your day
When troubles come to call.

You are my creation
So very precious in My sight
Beautiful beloved
I’ll change the wrongs to right
If you can just. Be. Still.

When others turn away
And the past controls your mind
When doors seem to close
And you fear being left behind.

Just run into my arms
They are open wide for you
Press in and hold on tight
Old things becoming new
And just. Be. Still.

When you think you’re not enough
And you’ve failed at all you’ve tried
Remember that I am here

Catching every tear you’ve cried.

Just put your trust in Me
And fix your eyes upon My face
Lose yourself in peace
And accept My offered grace.
And Just. Be. Still.

– Stephanie Weber, 1.15.2018