Don’t Feed the Enemy

The enemy cannot hear your thoughts. He is not omnipresent, omnipotent, or omniscient. He is limited. He can read body language and hear your spoken words, but he cannot read your mind! He will take what he can see and hear and lay a trap for you. He will weave a web and plant a seed, then laugh as you tangle YOURSELF up in his web. He will let you do all of the work. You’ll fight until you are totally ensnared in that web! You will exhaust yourself until you have no fight left. His work is done and YOU actually supplied all of the power, and YOU gave him all of the credit! Stop feeding the enemy! Stop giving him information to use against you! Every time you repeat his lies, he hears you. He files that information away to use against you again. You just told him what buttons to push. STOP IT! Stand up straight. Adjust your crown. Pull your shoulders back. Eyes forward. You are the chosen child of the One True King! His beloved child. His beautiful and precious creation. What you say and believe about yourself is a reflection of how you feel about God because you were created in His image! Utter only truths. Speak only life. Find others who will remind you of the truth when you stumble. Do not give up. You. Are. Enough. #youareenough #stopfeedingtheenemy #inhisimagecreations

Originally written 2.26.2019.

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